[Kea-users] reading user-context from lease4_select hook

itay cohen icohen9987 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 10:38:13 UTC 2020


Im trying to read user-context with a hook

lease4_select(CalloutHandle& handle) {
     Subnet4Ptr subnet4_ptr;
     handle.getArgument("subnet4", subnet4_ptr); // <-- getting selected
     ConstElementPtr subnet_ctx;
     subnet_ctx = subnet4_ptr->getContext(); // <-- this is working !

    Pool4Ptr pool_ptr;
    handle.getArgument("pool", pool_ptr);  // <-- getting selected pool ??
    ConstElementPtr pool4_ctx;
    pool4_ctx = pool4_ptr->getContext(); // <-- this NOT working

 can some one advise how to read user-context at the pool level ?

thank you
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