[Kea-users] New user - can't seem to make my DDNS updates work?

Oscar Carlsson oscar at spindel.tax
Wed Dec 30 21:39:45 UTC 2020


I've recently setup KEA to handle DHCP, which is does already.  It was a fun 
experience to go through the documentation and testing it out.

I also have a knot dns server that manages my local zones.  I've followed the 
documentation for knot for creating my TSIG key, tested it using knsupdate (it 
worked) and then added it to my kea-dhcp-ddns.conf according to the d2 
documentation (also adding forward- and reverse-dns configuration).  I've then 
set dhcp_ddns=yes in keactrl.conf as well.

But I don't get any DDNS updates.  I'm running Armbian (on a ASUS Tinkerboard 
if it matters) but it's basically just Debian.  I've unmasked, enabled and 
started dhcp4/d2.

I've attached a log/config file so this mail won't get overly long here.  I 
think I've configured kea dhcp4/ddns correctly but I'm obviously missing 
something that prevents this from working like expected.  I've only included a 
limited config but everything is the same for all subnets/zones.

Any pointers?

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