[Kea-users] Custom Option Spaces

gr306 gr306 at uis.cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 11 11:18:57 UTC 2020

I'm trying to migrate the following custom option configuration from DHCPD to
KEA, but failing to get the config correct. What am I doing wrong?

The DHCPD Configuration is:

option space ipdect code width 1 length width 1;
option ipdect.server code 43 = text;
option vendor-ipdect code 43 = encapsulate ipdect;
class "vendor-classes" {
  match option vendor-class-identifier;
subclass "vendor-classes" "KIRK.IP6000" {
 vendor-option-space ipdect;
 option ipdect.server "";

And my failing Kea configuration is:

"option-def": [
            "name": "server",
            "code": 43,
            "space": "ipdect",
            "type": "string"
            "name": "container",
            "code": 43,
            "space": "dhcpd4",
            "type": "empty",
            "encapsulate": "ipdect"
"option-data": [
                "name": "server",
                "data": "",
                "space": "ipdect",
                "code": 43

The DHCP Offer isn't sending the option 43. Now I know I'm not using a
client class but shouldn't all requests get my option 43 send who request

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