[Kea-users] Kea 1.1-epel conf no longer work with kea 1.6

Stephan_Walter Stephan.walter at emea.nec.com
Wed Feb 26 17:07:04 UTC 2020


I moved from the kea 1.1 server, provided through the epel repo of CentOS7,
to a kea 1.6 server compiled on CentOS8 from srpm.

The new kea worked from the beginning, but when I tried to boot nodes, they
received the wrong boot-file from the kea. Let me show the relevant part of
the kea config.

  "Dhcp4": {
        "option-data": [ ],
        "client-classes": [
          "name": "INODE",
          "test": "substring(option[60].hex,0,4) == 'udhcp'",
          "boot-file-name": "somefancy\n\\,string=now"
                "name": "bios",
                "test": "option[93].hex == 0x0000",
                "boot-file-name": "/tftp/bios/lpxelinux.0"
                "name": "ipxe_efi64",
                "test": "option[93].hex == 0x0007",
                "boot-file-name": "/tftp/efi64/ipxe.efi"
                "name": "efi64",
                "test": "option[93].hex == 0x0009",
                "boot-file-name": "/tftp/efi64/bootx64.efi"
        "subnet4": [
                "subnet": "",
                "reservations": [
{ "hw-address": "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX", "ip-address": "",
"next-server": "", "hostname": "some_node", "client-classes":
["NODE"], "server-hostname": ""},


So with kea 1.1 the behavior is, that the system boots through PXE and get
"/tftp/..." as boot-file-name. Afterward, the system make again a DHCP
request and now get the "somefancy.." string as boot-file-name, that it use
to fetch additional data for a two stage boot

With kea 1.6 already in the first response the "somefancy..." string is
replied as boot-file-name, what lead to a non working PXE boot.

I tried now for several days without success to figure out what has changed. 

What I have found is:

But even after a reordering of the client class definition, so that the pxe
boot is at the top, the problem still occurs.

Anybody an idea how I can get with kea 1.6 the same behavior as with 1.1?

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