Ismael Suarez Ismael_Suarez at coqui.com
Mon Jul 6 12:33:56 UTC 2020

Turns out, one I removed the following from each subnet (just did them all at once) it started giving out leases.
"client-class": "HA_server1"
This will not be used in cluster for now, so I can manage. But really don't understat why it was not working before. Any setting I am missing where it was hitting a default threshold?

Kind of bumbed out not finding the culprit of my problem.

The setting I am testing out has over 130 subnets looking like the following (not real IPs here)

            "subnet": "",
            "id": 1008,
            "pools": [ { "pool": " -", "client-class": "HA_server1" } ],
            "option-data": [ { "name": "routers", "data": "" } ]

            "subnet": "",
            "id": 1008,
            "pools": [ { "pool": " -" } ],
            "option-data": [ { "name": "routers", "data": "" } ]

NOTE: HA hook is not in use (commented).



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On 7/3/20 4:48 PM, Ismael Suarez wrote:

Dont have ‘client-classes’ in my config. Not using reservations. Just simple subnets.

Used to have it setup in HA but now don’t. Still have de HA_server1 for each subnet. Think that may be bothering somehow?

I would recommend turning on DEBUG. You will get far more information as to why the allocation failed, or at least be able to rule out certain situations.



Joshua Schaeffer


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