[Kea-users] Non working relay when using raw socket / config-control config-databases

Kevin Olbrich ko at sv01.de
Sun Jul 19 20:35:59 UTC 2020


Currently I'm struggling with two features of Kea.

First issue is, that relayed requests are not answered when Kea runs
with a raw-socket (because the server also assigns IPs in it's own
If I change raw to udp, relayed requests work flawlessly. I always had
this issue with Kea but the docs state, raw should also work with
relayed requests:
"When using raw sockets, both the traffic from the directly connected
clients and the relayed traffic are handled."
At least for me, that's not the case.

My second issue is about the config-control config-databases:

I've defined my subnets via the mysql schema but to make it work, I
have to add this code for every subnet:
    "subnet4": [
            "id": 1,
            "subnet": "",
            "pools": []
        } ...

Host reservations from the DB are also loaded / applied when this
snippet is available.

These hooks are loaded:
        "hooks-libraries": [

Is this the only way to make Kea serve these subnets? Do I need
premium hooks (cb_cmds) if I want to avoid the subnet declaration in
local config?
The subnets are attached to a server-tag but Kea always complains with
"DHCP4_PACKET_NAK_0001 - failed to select a subnet for incoming
packet" if I remove the subnet4 block.
According to the docs, this module is needed to have Change-APIs
available (rest, etc.) but I don't need them - the database is handled
by me directly.

Kind regards

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