[Kea-users] ddns and many zones

Mike mike+lists at yourtownonline.com
Sun Jul 26 10:45:23 UTC 2020


    I have multiple subnets, and many of these subnets have different
domain names such as 'lab.example.com' and 'net.example.com',
'otherexample.net', 'somethingelse.org','etc.you.get.the.picture.com'.

     I am only able to get kea to generate ddns updates for one zone
only, by putting it's name into the "qualifying-suffix" parameter of
'ddns-update' in the dhcp4 config file. With 'qualifying-suffix' set to
'net.example.com', I get dynamic updates. Without it, or with it set to
anything else, kea only sees the unqualified hostname and I do not get
dynamic updates. 

   "pools": [ { "pool":  "a.b.c.10 - a.b.c.200" } ],
            "subnet": "a.b.c.0/24",
            "option-data": [
        {   "name": "domain-name-servers",
             "data": "a.b.65.36, a.b.65.5"
        {       "name": "routers",
                "data": "a.b.c.1"
        {       "name": "domain-name",
                "data": "net.example.com"
        } ],
        "relay": { "ip-address": "x.y.248.10" }


    With the above, and with 'qualifying-suffix' set to
'net.example.com', all is well. But then if I have 'otherexample.net' as
a subnet? Nope.

    How is it intended for kea to generate updates with different domain


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