[Kea-users] Storing host reservation in custom database

Tomek Mrugalski tomek at isc.org
Mon Jun 1 14:15:02 UTC 2020

On 31.05.2020 13:06, Marcin Romanowski wrote:
> In my database I have that table name already so I can prepare view but 
> this cannot be named 'hosts" but kea make SELECT on this table :(
Kea expects the tables to match exactly with the provided schema. There 
is no way to tell Kea to use a differently named table. And there won't 
be. Implementing such a thing would be asking for troubles. It would
be very easy to misconfigure it and also it would break down in some
non-obvious ways.

As others have suggested, please read section 4 of the Kea ARM.
The kea-admin tool uses schema scripts in 
src/share/database/scripts/{mysql,pgsql,cql} to create the schema. You 
may take a look at the
schema files if you want to understand the internals.

You may take a look at those.


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