[Kea-users] (DHCP) FORCERENEW is still not/not yet supported? What about (DHCPv6) RECONF_MSG?

Bernd Naumann bernd at kr217.de
Thu Oct 15 10:07:34 UTC 2020

Hi *,

I see that DHCPv4 FORCERENEW is still commented in src/lib/dhcp/dhcp4.h

So its not yet supported right? (I also only find really old discussions 
about it, that isc-dchp does not want to implement it, and some say 
there was/is no request by users, but this is hard to imagine for me...)

Is there any workaround with kea to force clients to refresh their 
leases? Or any other way to send FORCERENEW on the subnet? And is it 
even supported by dhclient?

Context: I just asked myself if/how to reduce for example the lifetime 
of a lease from 1 week to 1 day without waiting, and I assume that's 
what is FORCERENEW is about, right? To force clients to contact the 
server to get new dhcp options?

And for DHCPv6: RECONF_MSG is set, but is it in use?
Same question, if I update options for a subnet, how do I inform the 
clients about it?


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