[Kea-users] Support for multiple flex options parameters?

Francis Dupont fdupont at isc.org
Fri Jan 22 10:53:58 UTC 2021

S?ren Andersen writes:
> Also for the same dhcp-option like this?
> options:
> - code: 67
>   add: "ifelse(member('cm'),concat('/docsis/', hexstring(pkt4.mac, '')),'' =
> )"
> - code: 67
>   add: "ifelse(member('voip'),concat('/', concat(hexstring(pkt4.mac, ''), '=
> .bin')),'')"

=> I do not think this will work because the hook implementation uses
a per code std::map for the configuration so the second entry will
overwrite the first one.


Francis Dupont <fdupont at isc.org>

PS: it will silently overwrite the std::map entry. If you think it should
warn please open ticket (gitlab issue). BTW I think that in all cases
it is possible to merge entries for the same code but I agree it can
quickly become hard to do...

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