[Kea-users] Come to ISC to work on Kea and Stork!

Victoria Risk vicky at isc.org
Tue May 11 16:03:44 UTC 2021

ISC is hiring another developer for our DHCP networking team. This person will focus on developing Stork, the management tool for Kea, but ideally will also contribute to Kea as well. 

ISC is a great place to work.  Kea and Stork are evolving fast and the user base is growing rapidly. At ISC you won’t be buried in  a software factory.  You will get plenty of direct feedback from users - here on the mailing list as well as via comments in our open Gitlab development system.  The software you develop will enable Internet connectivity, for large, profitable organizations as well as for small and under-resourced teams. You will have the flexibility of working from home, but you will be able to chat with the rest of the team as you work and will get to know the team through video meetings. We have to have good teamwork because peer-review is one of our core quality processes.

We will also be posting a job any minute for another support engineer, and we would love to get someone with significant hands-on DHCP experience.  To see our current openings and to apply, go to jobs.isc.org.

Thank you!

Vicky Risk
Product Manager


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