Notice of AS1280 Network Maintenance.

Peter Losher plosher at
Sat May 30 00:35:21 UTC 2009

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ISC has been working with our router vendor to remedy random issues with
our core router in San Francisco.  After many attempts swapping cards and
interfaces, the vendor has requested that we swap out the whole chassis.

Quite honestly, we'd rather not do this, as swapping out a 10+U chassis
will require a prolonged outage for our clients in SF and Redwood City
PoP's, but ISC Ops and the router vendor feel this is the next logical
step to hopefully remedy the persistent issues we have been having with
that router.

So ISC has scheduled a three hour maintenance window for:

Date: Wed, June 3rd 2009
Time: 1800-2100 Pacific  (0100-0400 UTC on June 4th, 2009)

Affects: All clients hosted at/connected to our SF (200 Paul) and Redwood
City (950 Charter) PoPs.

We expect the outage will last less than 90 minutes, but have made it
three hours to cover any unexpected events in the switchover.

If you have any questions about this; feel free to contact us at:

noc at 	- For network issues
hands at 	- For Hosted at ISC remote hands requests.

As always, will have (almost) realtime status
during the maintenance.

Best Wishes & thank you for your understanding - Peter
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