Notice of network instability inside AS1280.

Peter Losher plosher at
Thu Jun 9 11:13:43 UTC 2011

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This is a general notice to those of you using ISC's backbone (AS1280).
~ ISC is experiencing issues with portions of our US backbone  (in
particular, Chicago and Atlanta) caused by MPLS issues with our link
provider.  Over the past week, the instability spanned intermittently from:

2200 (June 5th) - 0400 (June 6th)
2200 (June 6th) - 0400 (June 7th)
2200 (June 8th) - 0400 (June 9th)

(all times UTC)

This has caused disruptions to our network as a whole, as our routers
had to spend time recalculating the routing table as links went down and
then back up again.  Depending on your route to us/AS1280, you may have
been affected by this and for that we apologize.  We have currently
taken steps to stablize the network tonight, at the cost of capacity
until the vendor can apply some changes (some HW, some software) that we
believe will fix the MPLS issues that we are experiencing.

If you are having a specific issue in regards to network performance or
reachability, don't hesitate to contact us at the ISC NOC via email at
noc at or via phone +1 650 423 1310.

Best Wishes - Peter
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