openreg issue

openreg at openreg at
Tue Dec 14 10:16:01 UTC 2010


 I've installed openreg. But in installation guide("INSTALL") I was read 
 that ./msgq may be present in /usr/local/openreg/sbin dir.
 So, I found only ./ka_msgq script there. When I renamed this script and 
 start I've got many processes in top that quickly increased.
 So, please help me to investigate this issue. Maybe I was missing 
 something during installation ?

 |-- cleaner
 |-- epp-frontend
 |-- ka_epp-frontend
 |-- ka_msgq
 |-- ka_stats-monitor
 |-- ka_whois
 |-- ka_write-zone
 |-- ka_xaction
 |-- log-monitor
 |-- replication-master
 |-- stats-monitor
 |-- whois
 |-- write-zone
 `-- xaction


 P.S. OS Slackware.

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