[Stork-dev] Stork 0.19.0 is now available

Michael McNally mcnally at isc.org
Wed Aug 11 17:33:04 UTC 2021

Stork 0.19.0 is a new development release of the Stork monitoring and
configuration dashboard and it can be downloaded from:


Documentation for Stork is available at https://stork.readthedocs.io.


# Stork 0.19.0, Aug 11th, 2021, Release Notes

Welcome to Stork 0.19.0, another monthly development release. The
changes introduced in this version are:

* **Angular 12 and PrimeNG 12**. The Stork web interface has been
migrated to the latest versions of Angular 12 and PrimeNG 12 libraries.
Besides a slightly streamlined look, new versions offer a number of
under the hood improvements: better async operation, more unified styles
that are easier to use in consistent way and more. From the developer's
perspective, it is good to pay back a technical debt every once in a
while. Together with the major libraries, many dependencies have been
updated as well. This process eliminated some security deficiencies in
those libraries [#405, #548].

* **Agent address binding fix**. Earlier Stork Agent versions always
bound to all IP addresses, regardless of the IP specified. This is no
longer the case and Agent now properly binds to specific IP address

* **Testing update**. While this is not a user visible change, we made a
number of improvements in the way how we run tests and deploy the demo
in internal test setup. Migration to new Karma 6.3 addressed several
vulnerabilities and improved the way we run tests [#548]. The routines
to internal demo deployment have been hardened and improved [#553, #565].

* **Rakefile clean-up**. Rake is our build system, which over time got
complicated. We spent some time to clean it up and document its targets
better [#566].

Please see this link for known issues:

## Incompatible Changes

* None.

## Release Model

Stork has monthly development releases, with some exceptions.

We encourage users to test the development releases and report back
their findings on the stork-users mailing list, available at

This text references issue numbers. For more details, visit the Stork
GitLab page at https://gitlab.isc.org/isc-projects/stork/issues.

## License

Stork is released under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.


## Download

The easiest way to install the software is to use native deb or RPM
packages. They can be downloaded from:


The Stork source and PGP signature for this release may be downloaded


The signature was generated with the ISC code-signing key which is
available at:


ISC provides documentation in the Stork Administrator Reference Manual.
It is available on ReadTheDocs.io at
https://stork.readthedocs.io/en/latest/, and in source form in the docs/

We ask users of this software to please let us know how it worked for
you and what operating system you tested on. Feel free to share your
feedback on the stork-users mailing list
(https://lists.isc.org/mailman/listinfo/stork-users). We would also like
to hear whether the documentation is adequate and accurate. Please open
tickets in the Stork GitLab project for bugs, documentation omissions
and errors, and enhancement requests. We want to hear from you even if
everything worked.

## Support

Professional support for Stork will become available once it reaches the
1.0 milestone. Existing ISC customers that consider themselves *very*
early adopters may get involved in the development process, including
roadmap, features planning, and early testing, but the software maturity
level does not constitute a typical professional service before the 1.0

Free best-effort support is provided by our user community via a mailing
list. Information on all public email lists is available at
https://www.isc.org/mailinglists/. If you have any comments or questions
about working with Stork, please share them to the stork-users list
(https://lists.isc.org/mailman/listinfo/stork-users). Bugs and feature
requests may be submitted via GitLab at

## Changes

The following summarizes changes and important upgrades since the Stork
0.18.0 release.

* 150 [bug] godfryd

     variables in Stork Agent.
     (Gitlab #559)

* 149 [func] godfryd

     Upgraded Angular and PrimeNG to version 12.x.
     (Gitlab #405)

Thank you again to everyone who assisted us in making this release

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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