[stork-users] Two Kea server with identical host reservation

Pierre-Olivier MORILLON pomorillon at NGAnalytics.eu
Mon Feb 8 16:00:58 UTC 2021


I use Kea version 1.8.0 in HA (Hot-Stanby) mode and stork version 0.14.0.

My two Kea servers have identical host-reservation (mandatory if the standby server must be active in case of primary failure).

The problem is that stork does not accept that two servers have the same host reservation. When I try to add the second server I get the following error: "Adding new machine operation erred: problem with storing application state in the database".

When I look in the stork's logs, I see that the error is: "problem with deleting IP reservation for host 1".

When I delete the host-reservations section on my second server, stork manages very well to add it, so I think that's where the problem comes from.

Isn't it possible to have two servers in HA mode with identical host-reservations? Or does the problem come from my configuration?

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