Upcoming BIND, DNSSEC and IPv6 trainings - Learn from the experts

ISC Training Staff training at isc.org
Fri Apr 26 00:08:35 UTC 2013

ISC's DNSco subsidiary still has seats available for our upcoming
Hands-on BIND and DNSSEC trainings.

Introductory DNS & BIND Training, in Redwood City, CA May 13-14
also in Amsterdam June 10-11; and Arlington, VA June 17-18

DNSSEC Implementation and Deployment Workshop in Redwood City, CA
May 15-17
also in Amsterdam June 12-14; and Arlington, VA June 19-21

IPv6 Essential Workshop in Zurich, June 17-19

See the course descriptions and calendar of locations for all 2013

Send an email to training at dns-co.com to reserve your seat.

Also, get Certified for BIND, DNSSEC, and IPv6. Testing is available
online monthly with preregistration.
See more info here: http://www.isc.org/services/certification

Read our latest blog on this topic:

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