Announcing the release of BIND 9.1.0

Andreas Gustafsson Andreas.Gustafsson at
Thu Jan 18 03:05:39 UTC 2001

BIND 9.1.0 has been released.  Compared to BIND 9.0, BIND 9.1 has a
number of new features as well as numerous bug fixes and cleanups.
The new features include:

  - Many BIND 8 features previously unimplemented in BIND 9,
    including domain-specific forwarding, the $GENERATE
    master file directive, and the "blackhole", "dialup", 
    and "sortlist" options

  - Forwarding of dynamic update requests; this is enabled 
    by the "allow-update-forwarding" option

  - A new, simplified database interface and a number of
    sample drivers based on it; see doc/misc/sdb for details

  - Support for building single-threaded servers for 
    environments that do not supply POSIX threads

  - New configuration options: "min-refresh-time",
    "max-refresh-time", "min-retry-time", "max-retry-time",
    "additional-from-auth", "additional-from-cache",
    "notify explicit"

  - Faster lookups, particularly in large zones.

BIND 9.1.0 can be downloaded from

The PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is available
at <>.

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