Announcing the release of BIND 9.1.0rc1

Andreas Gustafsson Andreas.Gustafsson at
Sat Jan 13 02:02:38 UTC 2001

BIND 9.1.0rc1 has been released.  This is a release candidate for 9.1.0.
A number of bugs in 9.1.0b3 have been fixed.

BIND 9.1.0rc1 can be downloaded from:

The PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is available
at <>.

A list of changes made since 9.1.0b3 follows.  For earlier changes,
see the file CHANGES in the distribution.


 679.	[bug]		$INCLUDE could leak memory and file descriptors on
			reload. [RT #639]

 678.	[bug]		"tranfer-format one-answer;" could trigger an assertion
			failure. [RT #646]

 677.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone would occasionally use the wrong ttl
			for database operations and fail. [RT #643]

 676.	[bug]		Log messages about lame servers to category
			'lame-servers' rather than 'resolver', so as not
			to be gratuitously incompatible with BIND 8.

 675.	[bug]		TKEY queries could cause the server to leak

 672.	[bug]		The wrong time was in the "time signed" field when
			replying with BADTIME error.

 670.	[bug]		The lwres replacements for getaddrinfo and
			getipnodebyname didn't properly check for the
			existence of the sockaddr sa_len field.

 667.	[bug]		On Linux, running named with the -u option and a
			non-world-readable configuration file didn't work.
			[RT #626]


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