BIND 8.3.3 Release

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Fri Jun 28 14:20:53 UTC 2002

			BIND 8.3.3 Release

BIND 8.3.3 is the fourth release of 8.3.  It is a maintenance release and
contains a security fix.

The recommended version to use is BIND 9.2.1.  If for whatever reason you
must run BIND 8, use nothing earlier than 8.2.6-REL, 8.3.3-REL.  Do not
under any circumstances run BIND 4.

'named' is *not* vulnerable to this security problem.

Highlights vs. 8.3.2
        Security Fix libbind. All applications linked against libbind
        need to re-linked.
        'rndc restart' now preserves named's arguments

Highlights vs. BIND 8.3.1:
	dig, nslookup, host and nsupdate have improved IPv6 support.

Highlights vs. BIND 8.3.0:

	Critical bug fix to prevent DNS storms. If you have BIND 8.3.0 you
	need to upgrade.

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz) = 15b643046791ba444539b14654c4c70e
MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc) = 16c7710fa7ab41d7f1ca41dfa3920792
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz) = b5b09e7c00709ee4cd550aff3a21e958
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz.asc) = 9ff908b030be05c5196359d931f5d490
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz) = 4e904fdc3d908294147054276eba4064
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz.asc) = 5e116cc42487ff2d6371bea8bc3a7f94

Windows NT / Windows 2000 binary distribution.

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (readme1st.txt) = ac4ce260f151dc1ab393c145f4288bba
MD5 ( = ed719303bc46adb1e9bff12236ee2fa6
MD5 ( = 411693af21f9f70123048c05588b9b27

MD5 (readme1sttools.txt) = 93cbeb616b1eb79a40b4eec4a8b088be
MD5 ( = 2c81fecb318b052b90cc681a8fba92fc
MD5 ( = 0ae82182353f1e0fb1c0a4acdf9f095a

top of CHANGES says:

	--- 8.3.3-REL released --- (Wed Jun 26 21:15:43 PDT 2002)

1301.	[func]		log attempts to exploit #1300.

1300.	[bug]		Remote buffer overrun.

1299.	[func]		Log to xfer-in when a named-xfer fails and one of
			the masters returned REFUSED.

1298.	[bug]		named could leak a OPT record when returning a
			negative response.

1297.	[func]		'ndc restart' will now attempt to preserve the
			arguments named was started with.
			Use 'ndc restart --' to clear the arguements.
			Use 'ndc restart <new arguements>' to restart named
			with a alternate set of arguements.

1296.	[bug]		delay setting need_restart until the response to
			ndc exec has been sent.
1295.	[func]		new ndc command 'args'.  returns the arguements that
			named was started with %xx escaped.

1294.	[bug]		#1272 broke linkage for those OS's using -lfl (flex).
			Move -ll/-lfl to LIBL for all platforms.

	--- 8.3.2-REL released --- (Mon Jun 17 20:24:32 PDT 2002)

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