BIND 8.2.6 Release

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Fri Jun 28 14:22:28 UTC 2002

			BIND 8.2.6 Release

BIND 8.2.6 is security release.

The recommended version to use is BIND 9.2.1.  If for whatever reason you
must run BIND 8, use nothing earlier than 8.2.6-REL, 8.3.3-REL.  Do not
under any circumstances run BIND 4.

'named' is *not* vulnerable to this security problem.

Highlights vs. 8.2.5
        Security Fix libbind.  All applications linked against libbind
        need to relinked.

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz) = 8d8a9a981e74d1dc6e3cfb7a1f80a2cd
MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc) = c6b652f5ee5dc9d93154f55890bc5b96
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz) = 7d30910d6f3672ce0d6dfafe20434d18
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz.asc) = 89a6cfb8e8242e2c8e6caee90a4eff71
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz) = 46f711732908fd469d1b09d1fe9ef627
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz.asc) = 8ee1062bbc51a77290bf36641696d3c0

Windows NT / Windows 2000 binary distribution.

	Not Available.  Upgrade to BIND 8.3.3 or BIND 9.2.1.

top of CHANGES says:

	--- 8.2.6-REL released --- (Wed Jun 26 21:15:43 PDT 2002)

1301.	[func]		log attempts to exploit #1300.

1300.   [bug]           Remote buffer overrun.

	--- 8.2.5-REL released --- (Thu Sep 27 23:41:08 PDT 2001)

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