New BIND releases are available - BIND 9.11.6, 9.12.4, and 9.14.0rc1

Michael McNally mcnally at
Fri Mar 1 02:42:31 UTC 2019

New releases of BIND are available from

BIND 9.11.6 and 9.12.4 are maintenance releases in the two existing
supported stable branches of BIND.  Like the security releases that
were issued last week (9.11.5-P4 and 9.12.3-P4) these new maintenance
releases contain fixes for the CVEs which were disclosed February 21st
but unlike the security patch versions the maintenance releases also
contain other non-security bug fixes and feature improvements.

Have a look and see what we've been up to:


We've also released 9.14.0rc1, the first release candidate for the
debut version of the 9.14 stable branch, which is a continuation of
what was previously the 9.13 development branch as it reaches a new
stage.  The work we did to introduce new features in 9.13 will now
be capped and the branch re-designated as a mature branch with regular
support in 9.14, while a new branch (9.15) will be launched to replace
9.13 as the experimental development branch.

You can preview 9.14 by having a look at the release candidate and
we would welcome your feedback.


Michael McNally
ISC Support

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