BIND 9 Release Model changes

Victoria Risk vicky at
Fri Jan 8 00:14:17 UTC 2021

BIND users,

We are changing the BIND release model again. We will not be producing a new stable branch every year. Instead we will produce a new stable branch every other year, and will support each of these for a total of 4 years. I have posted a blog at that explains this in more words (and with a picture!).

We are making this change because we are not ready to create a new stable branch right now, but we also think it will work out well for our users. I can't remember when anyone asked us to have more branches, but we are frequently asked to support our stable branches for longer.  This way we will be able to provide 4 years of support for every production branch.

I am happy to answer questions or hear your comments about this change either by direct emails or, if you prefer, you can bring it up on bind-users.


Vicky Risk,
Product Manager

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