New BIND releases are available: 9.11.27, 9.16.11, and 9.17.9

Michael McNally mcnally at
Thu Jan 21 03:09:17 UTC 2021

The January maintenance releases of BIND are available and can be downloaded
from the ISC software download page,

A summary of changes in the new releases can be found in their release notes:

current supported stable branches:

   9.11.27 -
   9.16.11 -

experimental development branch:

   9.17.9  -

If you are among the many users who use the detached signatures provided with each
release download to verify their authenticity, please note that these releases are
double-signed -- the provided detached signature files can demonstrate the validity
of their contents using either:

  -  the 2019-2020 code signing key (AE3F AC79 6711 EC59 FC00  7AA4 74BB 6B9A 4CBB 3D38)
     which expires on January 31st of this month, or

  -  the 2021-2022 code signing key (7E1C 91AC 8030 A5A5 9D1E  FAB9 750F 3C87 723E 4012)
     which is newly available from (specifically you want the
     item labeled "Current ISC Code Signing Key 2021 - 2022 (codesign at"

For those who are unfamiliar with PGP / GPG, the page with the ISC public keys
( also contains instructions on how to use the public key
portion of the codesign key and the signature files to verify the contents of your download.

After 31 January, 2021, the old key will be expired and will no longer be used,
so please take care to update your public key ring before next month's releases.

Michael McNally
Internet Systems Consortium

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