V8.2.2 and IXFER

Andrew Gorton andrew.gorton at bbc.co.uk
Mon Nov 1 16:12:34 UTC 1999

Can anyone clarify the present position regarding IXFR, please.
The 8.2.2 release notes say that the 'server' side IXFR is enabled, but
'client' side not.
I presume an IXFR 'client' is a slave server, and an IXFR 'server' is a
master server.  So how can IXFRs occur if one end of the exchange doesn't
understand them?
The reason I ask is that having installed 8.2.2 today, I notice the IXFRs
are not working for my dynamic zones.  (They were working on plain 8.2).
Last month's archives had a question from Blair Porter, who had V8.2.1 IXFR
working OK by the end, although the official recommendation was not to use
IXFR in that release.
Any clarifications, or suggestions how to get IXFR working again gratefully
Andrew Gorton.

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