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Antony Melentev antony at al.raid.ru
Mon Nov 1 16:23:14 UTC 1999

Hello sirs,
I have a following problem :
I'm running BIND-8.2.1 on Linux/Debian 2.1 system.
And I have a leased line to provider. In named.conf I've inserted
DNS-servers of provider with option "forward first".
Everything working ok besides one thing : on some queries DNS in
syslog wrote : LAME server on "address" and as IP-address it shows
IP-address of DNS server of provider.After this becomes line
"destination is unreachable from localhost" and after pair of seconds
I receive answer on my query.
Any comments to this problem ?

Best regards,
 Antony                          mailto:antony at al.raid.ru

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