BIND 4.9.7 for NT and XFRNETS

Stanley Liu stanley.liu at
Wed Nov 3 05:44:39 UTC 1999

In an intranet environment (internal DNS), I have the following XFRNETS
in named.boot:


I need to allow more zone transfers.  I want to shorten the XFRNETS

Will I get the same result by removing the mask like


Or could I do it with multiple XFRNETS like


Any help would be appreciated.

stanley.liu at

PS.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank people who
tirelessly investing their time and efforts in this forum for helping
others in resolving DNS & BIND problems.  The insights and opinions
offered here are always of the highest quality and the responses are
always timely and prompt.  Athough I have not asked any question here
before, certainly I have benefited a lot just by silently reading the
posts and answers in this forum.  Thank you once again.

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