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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at cospo.osis.gov
Wed Nov 3 17:49:43 UTC 1999

> IT DOESN'T MEAN that a "master box" dictates everything in its DNS server
> config/data to be replicated to all its "secondary boxes". Of course, future
> BIND ver-s might or might not support that concept as well.
> HTH,
> Vassilii Khachaturov
> http://www.tarunz.org/~vassilii/
> Skribu al mi per Esperanto!

To further clarify - it means exactly this on a per-zone [not domain]
basis; but that relationship has to be specified beforehand.  As
Vassilii said, a machine is neither master nor slave; but it may serve
as master for a given zone or slave for a given zone.  And a slave may
poll from the master or from another slave ...  ;-)

Note that the same machine may be master for some zones and slave for
others.  Note also that each zone may have different sets of slaves,
and these sets may be identical, overlapping, or disjoint.

Yes, there is such interest, that if a way can be found to do it
without compromising security, one might look for an option to request
zones from a specific server and then start serving them.  I cannot see
this ever being a default mode of operation, though.

Sorry, I don't read or write Esperanto, so I can't write to you in it.
[But a Classical education background has some advantages!  ;-)]

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