Thu Nov 4 02:09:22 UTC 1999

I am pretty sure this question is not bind related, but I am going to ask the 
question and maybe I will get an answer or be pointed in a direction to a 
newsgroup that deals with this type of stuff.  I have an ULTRA 2 that is 
running Solaris 2.6.  My problem is as follows.

When you ping it from a UNIX box like BSD you get a message that say DUP!  
But when I ping it from a DOS box I do not have that problem.  You can ping and duplicate the problem.  Is there a patch available that 
can fix this problem or a command that can be run to fix the problem.  I have 
several boxes running solaris 7 and this problem is not happening in those.  
Help will be much appreciated or to pointed to a newsgroup that deals wit 
this type of an issue.

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