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Why not compare features, point by point, of a series of DNS products.
Point out that products like QUIP, by Lucent, offer the "next generation"
of dynamic DNS.  Your client is probably only looking at ease of use based
on his/her NT server experience.  Open up the playing field by getting a
real (complete) list of requirements and then detail out a list of

If you are simply hot on BIND's UNIX flavors then you suffer from the same
thing your client does, just in reverse.  Lay out the business case one
point at a time and pretty soon you will come down to a choice or three
that will meet his needs.  Leave it up to him from them on.

You can also say that BIND is the oldest, most used, DNS on the planet. 
Also point out that it is most stable on a UNIX platform.  Probably DU or
Solaris would be the top choices.  If he wants production quality,
there is nothing like BIND.

What does everyone else say?


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On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Chris Cariffe wrote:

> Oh i knew this time would come in my career sooner or later.  I have a
> client that is persistent in putting an MS-DNS for their external services.
>  I know their reasoning (point-click) now I need to come up with a list of
> reasons why I would rather install BIND on a UNIX system.  Security is what
> comes to mind for me and greater system control down to the kernel.  How
> about you out there?  what do you all think?

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