walt walt at web-3.com
Fri Nov 5 01:20:55 UTC 1999

At 03:18 PM 11/4/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Oh i knew this time would come in my career sooner or later.  I have a
>client that is persistent in putting an MS-DNS for their external services.
> I know their reasoning (point-click) now I need to come up with a list of
>reasons why I would rather install BIND on a UNIX system.  Security is what
>comes to mind for me and greater system control down to the kernel.  How
>about you out there?  what do you all think?

If you are getting a million queries a day, or are hosting a thousand
domains you need BIND.  If your load is less than this NT DNS is fine.  I
only have about 90 zones, and get far less than a million queries a day.  I
moved from BIND on Linux,  to BIND on NT, to MS DNS on NT.  

If you are on an NT LAN and moving to W2K with Active Directory, you may be
a lot better off with NT DNS.

Nooooo, problem


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