How to allow over 65536 zones in bind 8.1.2

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Fri Nov 5 19:27:39 UTC 1999

> I'm running bind 8.1.2 and I'll have more than 64K zones in the name
> server. According to bind 8.1.2 CHANGES:
>  272.   [func]          The zone number is now unsigned, allowing up to
>                         65536 zones instead of the previous limit of
> 			32768.
> Is it possible for us to change the zone number to the unsigned long to
> make it can hold up to 64K zones? Do you have suggestions for us to have
> more than 64K zones in a single name server?
> Your suggestion and help will be highly appreciated!
> Best Regards,
> G. Liu

My knee-jerk reaction is that > 64K zones is a management problem
anyway!  Can some be consolidated, with several tiny subdomains in a
zone?  Can you put some off on a separate set of name servers?

I don't have time now to look at the source for side effects of
changing the number of zones.  I'm sure that it would be more then
changing the counter type.  Perhaps someone else could do this for you.

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