Underscore Character

2U makun at minnanotabo.com
Sun Nov 7 14:17:31 UTC 1999

Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <3821C49B.41C67EA6 at hokaido.ivic.ve>,
> Jesus Quiroz  <jquiroz at hokaido.ivic.ve> wrote:
> >I'm installing bind 8.2.2, but I want to know if the underscore
> >character ( _ ) is valid characer for a hostname, because I'm
> >receiving the following error messages:
> No, it isn't.  This has been discussed many times, I suggest you search for
> "underscore" in the www.deja.com archives.
> You can get rid of the checks by using the 'check-names' option in
> named.conf.
For NT running DNS, underscore is passed. Many NT guys then think it is
Some of our clients (technical guys?!) insist to have host name with

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