Weird nslookup problem (from O'Reilly book, page 84)

Chris chris at
Sun Nov 7 17:34:57 UTC 1999


I'm setting up DNS on my little network here. Well actually I've had
it going for about a month, but I didn't really know what I was doing,
so I've bought the O'Reilly book and am going through it. I've gotten
to the part called 'Testing my Setup' (pages 82-84). Everything is
fine, until I get to 'One more test', in which I use another name
server to look up my hosts. Neat trick! I was calling friends to try
and ping me. Trouble is, I flunked, and I don't know why.

What I'm trying to find is My default domain is, and nslookup www works fine. nslookup fails though, as does nslookup (that's my ISP's name server). What's
strange is that doing the same nslookups with, or
other hosts works fine. Only www fails.

To summarize . . .

And so forth. I've cut-n-pasted my RR file at the bottom. As you can
see, www, mail, and ftp are equivalent, so why they're acting
differently is beyond me. What am I missing?


@       IN      SOA 
			199909283       ;
			8H              ;
			2H              ;
			1W              ;
			1D)             ;
	TXT     "Welcome To TourneyLand!!!"
	NS      hoss          ;
	NS      bessie        ;
	MX      10 mail;

; localhost
localhost	A

; network (I don't know why this is here)	A
			MX	10 mail

; Everyone's name and IP address
momma		A
		MX	10 mail
hoss		A
bessie		A
		MX	10 mail                       
lurch		A
		MX	10 mail                       
dumbass	A
		MX	10 mail                       

; Aliases
www	CNAME	hoss
ftp	CNAME	hoss	
mail	CNAME	hoss
ns1	A
ns2	A

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