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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Mon Nov 8 17:24:30 UTC 1999

Junxiu Liu wrote:
> One of our caching-only DNSs stops working after reboot. When I tried
> nslookup command,  error messages showed up as follows:
> Can't find server name for address "DNS-IP-ADDRESS" : non-existent
> domain.
> DNS Lookup (GetHostInfoByAddr) Unsuccesssful
> DNS Lookup (GetHostInfoBy) Successsful
> So, I edited the file /etc/resolv.conf on a client machine, changing the
> nameserver's IP address into the nameserver's hostname. When I called
> nslookup again, no error came out. I think that such modification on
> /etc/resolv.conf is not recommended.
> Any comment will be much appreciated.

If you have a hostname in resolv.conf, how does the system first find
the IP address for this host name???

I thnk that you would be better off leaving the IP address in your
resolv.conf file, and getting the reverse DNS fixed for that address.

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