non-existent domain

Royans Tharakan tharakan at
Mon Nov 8 22:02:22 UTC 1999

the logical answer to this puzzle is that when the machine rebooted it
changed its ip address somehow. the new name and ip might be in the
hosts file. now when the machine restarted, it could not get to the 
old ip, but could get to the hostname (through hosts) file.

Joseph S D Yao wrote:
> Junxiu Liu wrote:
> > One of our caching-only DNSs stops working after reboot. When I tried
> > nslookup command,  error messages showed up as follows:
> >
> > Can't find server name for address "DNS-IP-ADDRESS" : non-existent
> > domain.
> > DNS Lookup (GetHostInfoByAddr) Unsuccesssful
> > DNS Lookup (GetHostInfoBy) Successsful
> >
> > So, I edited the file /etc/resolv.conf on a client machine, changing the
> > nameserver's IP address into the nameserver's hostname. When I called
> > nslookup again, no error came out. I think that such modification on
> > /etc/resolv.conf is not recommended.
> >
> > Any comment will be much appreciated.
> If you have a hostname in resolv.conf, how does the system first find
> the IP address for this host name???
> I thnk that you would be better off leaving the IP address in your
> resolv.conf file, and getting the reverse DNS fixed for that address.
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