how to describe subdomains

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Mon Nov 8 16:21:58 UTC 1999

Hi List,
I'm setting up a private DNS server for the domain ran, which has,
asd01, asd02.., asd0n as subdomains. So anyhow I have generated a file
db.ran which has a SOA that sez this file is authorative for ran.
But how do I specify the subdomains asd01 etc? All the examples I've
seen assume that the subdomain are defined on a different server not
the same one.
Well that's no quite true I've seen one (ie a db.domainname file) that
$INCLUDE db.subdomain1.domainname
$INCLUDE db.subdomain2.domainname
$INCLUDE db.subdomainx.domainname
which seems to work.
Is there, however, a more sensible approach?



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