bind and dhcp

Diego dcima at
Tue Nov 9 11:28:42 UTC 1999

Royans Tharakan ha scritto nel messaggio <38274600.88C80994 at>...
>this is not a problem at all. if your machine is dialing out using ppp,
>it gets
>an ip assigned by ppp automatically. all you have to do is be able to
>configure the resolv.conf to have the right nameserver at the right
>time. if you
>are using kppp, then this option is by default enabled... however if you
>are using
>raw ppp scripts, then you could write a program in ppp-on to check which
>isp you are
>connecting to, and appropriately install the resolv.conf
>Diego wrote:
>> I would like to have DNS and DHCP on one linux box.
>> This is my problem: I have DNS configured on my linux box to serve my
>> home network (with two win98). DNS is used to resolve internal names and
>> backup my ISP DNS (should it fail, I can still use my hints file). The
>> box is obviously the gateaway to the internet.
>> Now I want to connect with other ISPs (now there's a lot of free ISPs in
>> Italy), and they all offer DHCP. I know I could set different forwarders
>> /etc/named.conf, but they would be searched in order (that's what I don't
>> want).
>> My idea is to set a DHCP client on the linux box, so that I would have
>> right ns every time I connect to a different ISP. Anyway I do not need a
>> DHCP server on the linux box since I just have two clients!
>> I hope I was clear enough.
>> Thanx in advance
>> Diego
Ok, got it...
But do you have any suggestion about the script?
I have to say I have no problem with IP assignement (i.e. I can regulary
connect), and that I'm not using any window manager like KDE (and I don't
want to).


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