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Mon Nov 8 17:24:28 UTC 1999

I am new to dns and bind.  I bought the book from O'reily, DNS & BIND.
Here's my situation.  A few friends and I are creating this cool new
online gaming league site called (you guys are gonna
like it!). I made a homebuilt webserver running RedHat Linux 6.0 and
Apache, and put it up on a co-location hosting plan at a local ISP.  I
can get a cheaper rate if I run my own DNS server.  So I have one ip
address and I need to set up the DNS for several domain names.  The
O'Reiley book talks mainly about DNS on networks with several
computers.  So, being a newbie, I am confused on how to run DNS on the
same machine that runs the webserver as well.  We have several Domains
we need to handle.  I know taht Apache has virtual servers that can
handle multiple domains on one ip - but where does DNS's responsibility
end and Apache pick up?  How do I set up DNS to point to the same
machine as the webserver?

I would really appreciate any help!  its for a good cause - a new (and
very different) gaming league system!

brady swenson
bswenson at

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