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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Mon Nov 8 22:45:25 UTC 1999

> computers.  So, being a newbie, I am confused on how to run DNS on the
> same machine that runs the webserver as well.  We have several Domains
> we need to handle.  I know taht Apache has virtual servers that can
> handle multiple domains on one ip - but where does DNS's responsibility
> end and Apache pick up?  How do I set up DNS to point to the same
> machine as the webserver?

DNS just takes the host name and translates it into an IP address that
allows the connection to actually be made.  Once the connection is
made, Apache figures out which files to serve and CGI programs to run.

You also have to put a "reverse mapping" from IP address to hostname in
a separate DNS database.

Don't try to think of the DNS and Web functions at the same time.  All
you have is a name server that only serves its own name and IP address,
right?  Go from there.

> I would really appreciate any help!  its for a good cause - a new (and
> very different) gaming league system!
> brady swenson
> bswenson at

Is this what is called a good cause these days?

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