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brady_swen at brady_swen at
Tue Nov 9 16:43:47 UTC 1999

would this be correct for db.i-nova?:

@ IN SOA (
        86400 )

; Name servers (The name @ is implied)
        IN NS
        IN NS
localhost  IN  A
www        IN  A
ns1        IN  A

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  Joseph S D Yao <jsdy at> wrote:
> > computers.  So, being a newbie, I am confused on how to run DNS on
> > same machine that runs the webserver as well.  We have several
> > we need to handle.  I know taht Apache has virtual servers that can
> > handle multiple domains on one ip - but where does DNS's
> > end and Apache pick up?  How do I set up DNS to point to the same
> > machine as the webserver?
> DNS just takes the host name and translates it into an IP address that
> allows the connection to actually be made.  Once the connection is
> made, Apache figures out which files to serve and CGI programs to run.
> You also have to put a "reverse mapping" from IP address to hostname
> a separate DNS database.
> Don't try to think of the DNS and Web functions at the same time.  All
> you have is a name server that only serves its own name and IP
> right?  Go from there.
> > I would really appreciate any help!  its for a good cause - a new
> > very different) gaming league system!
> >
> > brady swenson
> > bswenson at
> Is this what is called a good cause these days?
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