Anyone knows what setting of DNS will causes a slow connectio n to FTP and TELNET??

Downs, John JDowns at
Mon Nov 8 18:26:34 UTC 1999

    I had (still have) a similar problem. To check where the problem is try
running nslookup with debug set. Then enter the machine names and see if it
hangs (and where it hangs).  When entering the machine name use a FQN
WITHOUT the trailing dot.  My problem had to do with the search list and an
old version of the resolver. If this is where your problem is. You could
probably fix/work around it by removing the resolv.conf(on the DNS server
only, if your a client you can't do this).  Good luck!


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Subject: Anyone knows what setting of DNS will causes a slow connection
to FTP and TELNET??

I instaslled a RH6.1 and I found if I have named running
it will causes a long delay when someone want to connect
to FTP and Telnet. After it connected it works fine.
anybody can help me with this problem??
please e-mail to

johnwu at

thank you

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