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In article <8077n6$lh2$1 at soap.pipex.net>,
Marc Redmile-Gordon <marc at carsplus.co.uk> wrote:
>The remote servers are NOT on the internet.  If I want to telnet to them I
>must specify a route to the host on my server.
>That route would go via an isdn to isdn router connection.  I could just add
>a route and have no DNS involved at all.
>Then I would have to type "telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" to get to the host I
>Alternatively, I can put an entry into /etc/hosts and type "telnet
>hostname" - which would make my life a lot easier BUT it is not good
>practise to use a hosts file alongside DNS is it not ?
>So what I was trying to do was use purely DNS for all aspects of my
>networking ( internal/external - live internet/dial-up routers )
>with me ?

In that case, why don't just give them names in your own domain?

>"The root server hints file provides the "first point of
>> contact" that allows you to look up anything on the Internet."
>What is a "hints file" ?

In named.conf you have something like:

zone "." {
  type hint;
  filename "named.root";

That file, which contains the initial root server list, is called the root
server hints file.  In BIND 4 it was called the "cache" file.

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