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Tue Nov 9 11:03:51 UTC 1999


I am Vinod, and I work as the Network Administrator for a software
development house in India. We are currently in the process of
redesigning our network to make it simpler, more manageable, and
secure. During this process, we came up with the idea of implementing
split DNS, and got into some problems. And  hence, we wanted to get
some guidance.

The current setup is like this:

Internal N/W --- Router --- Public N/W --- Router --- Internet

Internal N/W IP Addresses:

Public N/W IP Addresses: <Public Address space>

Services: DNS, E-mail, FTP, Proxy, WWW etc...

We have very few public IP addresses to use, and the idea of a
separate network for that did not seem reasonable, and worth while.

We then planned on a total private network with those public servers
using NAT as below:

Internal N/W --- Router (w/NAT) --- Internet

Everything else seemed quite fine, but for the DNS. I tried looking up
for documents on how to setup a DNS server on a private network for
public access  using NAT. I did see from a news group this is possible.

We want to have 1 DNS server for private / internal use, and 2 DNS
servers for public / external use. We plan to use Microsoft DNS for the
internal DNS (due to the WINS integration) and Linux-based BIND 8.2.2
for the external (as a part of our Linux-isation programme).

In fact, we tried to compile and run BIND 8.2.2, and tried some
preliminary configuration, but could never hide the real internal IP
address, Wherein the DNS server reveals its true identity (Private
address space) to the external world.

First of all, are we on the right track? Considering our scenario, what
do would be the best way to do our DNS (and everything else)?. Kindly

Many thanks in advance.


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