Nameserver with Custom Hostname

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Wed Nov 10 16:10:23 UTC 1999

Please help me understand the circumstances of a deadlock when A records time
out if delegation NS names differ from those listed in domains.  I have a
client with different NS names registered than listed in the domain, though
the ip addresses of the NSs agree. I need a good technical arguement to
encourage the domain owner to update the registrations, especially since it
sounds like this is a problem.

Which names are used in cache? The version from root, or the version from the
Do non-auth servers ever query the domain for NSs?
When an A RR ttl expires, does the non-auth NS query for the address of the NS
name originally obtained from root (or a parent domain) or for the NSs listed
from the domain?


Bill Myers
Total Network Solutions

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> >I know of cases where one machine hosts various services including a
> >name server, but the Hostname is unique and not NSx or DNSx.  However
> >Internic believes the machine name is
> This means that the person who registered the domain submitted a different
> name than what he put in his DNS zone files.
> >How is this accomplished?  Do the DNS records use NSx throughout the
> >files and an A or CNAME for the friendly machine name?  Or is the other
> >way around, and the records us the friendly name while an A or CNAME is
> >used to map to NSx?
> Since this is not something you should do, I'm not going to give you
> examples.  It's best to use the same name in the registration and the DNS
> files.
	It is essential that you use the same name, otherwise
	nameservers which rate answers on there source will deadlock
	if the A records time out.

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