httpd startup failed

Scott Miller srmiller at
Wed Nov 10 22:54:57 UTC 1999

I have a slight problem.  Trying to setup a dns server/web server.  Our master domain is being hosted in another area, but had them add our dns addresses to the master zone record.  All seems to be ok there.  I added a domain that I have to use for testing purposes.  Put in all the correct information in the apache side, and also filled out the dns information (ip addresses, (running RedHat LInux 6.0, Linuxconf 1.16r6) and restarted the dns with /etc/rc.d/init.d/named restart, and checked the messages file and it all seems to look good, but one error that I can find:

httpd:httpd startup failed

I know this has something to do with Apache, but don't understand what the problem could be.  Any Ideas?

Scott Miller

Scott Miller

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