Validating named configuration files before "reload"?

Pierre Belanger belanger at
Thu Nov 11 00:38:52 UTC 1999

Hello Barry,

: There's an nslint program that's included with BIND, although I don't know
: if it's been updated to know about named.conf format (actually, I think it
: may only check zone files, not boot/conf files).
I just checked that one and it's not "8.x compliant".

: You could start up another instance of named, specifying an alternate port
: to use on the command line (so it wouldn't interfere with the real named)
: and check the log to see if any warnings come out.
Yeah but I would prefer bind to have a flag ... something like

	-T	: test configuration file

and the exit code would give the final result.

Or have a just another program to do it.  Can someone add this
in the "RFE" list? :)  I'll check the source code to see if this
can be made easy.

As far as I know, if there is an error in a configuration
file, bind just stops to read the configuration...  I don't need
something fancy, just let me know if there is an error in a file.
If such a thing would already exists, my guess is that many people
would use it and it would be easy to add in the ndc script file.

Best regards,
Pierre B.

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