BIND 8.2.2 (notify): not ready for servers with multiple IP-adresses

Xuan Baldauf kW at
Thu Nov 11 02:25:15 UTC 1999


we run two name servers (one primary, one secondary) based on BIND and
discovered following problem:

When the primary name server reloads its database, it sends notify
messages to the
secondary one. But the secondary name server rejects the notify message

NOTIFY(SOA) from non-master server (zone xxx), from

because the primary name server sent the message through the standard
"query-source" socket (whose host defaults to "*" -> the ip address next
to the
destination) instead through the interface whose ip address is specified
by the NS
entries in the zone file.

I think that this is a bug, because the slave does not know without
further help by
the administrator which ip addresses the master for a domain has besides
the ones in
the NS entries.

So the best solution I think is to make the primary name server send
notify messages
from the interface(s) the secondary name server is expecting - the
between all available interfaces on the primary name server's host and
all the NS
records of the given domain.

Will this bug be fixed or is anyone doing this?

Xuân Baldauf.

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