nslookup Can't find server name for address

Michael Dang mdang at engineer.com
Thu Nov 11 05:40:30 UTC 1999


I have the same problem you have too, except I am running 2.5.1 instead of
2.6.  I will let you know what I can find.

Mike D.

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Subject: nslookup Can't find server name for address

Hi List,

I'm trying to set up DNS with the help of h2n, which takes a hosts file
and creates all the files you need to feed to in.named.
The DNS server is called nms01.asd04.ran and is intended to supply a
name service for x.rtd01.ran and x.asd24.ran, and of course x.asd04.ran.

Currently there is only one entry in the hosts file hosts.asd04.ran,
that of the server -, and currently I'm looking to name
serve the asd04.ran domain/zone, and starting off real slow with one
host defined, that of the DNS server itself.
But having created the files and killed and restarted in.named (with no

But I can't successfully invoke nslookup, it returns the error
"Can't find server name for address"
I don't quite understand that, because all the requ'd info is in the
files that h2n made for me. Can anyone offer a solution?

Some details are below:
bash# pwd
bash# ./h2n -d asd04.ran -n  212.41.149 -H hosts.asd04.ran
bash# cat hosts.asd04.ran nms01.asd04.ran
bash# cat named.boot
directory /dns/fact
primary	0.0.127.IN-ADDR.ARPA db.127.0.0
primary	asd04.ran db.asd04
primary 149.41.212.IN-ADDR.ARPA db.212.41.149
cache	. db.cache
bash# cat db.asd04
@ IN  SOA nms01.asd04.ran. root.nms01.asd04.ran. ( 7 10800 3600 604800
86400 )
IN  NS  nms01.asd04.ran.

localhost            IN  A
nms01                IN  A
nms01                IN  MX    10 nms01.asd04.ran.
bash# cat db.212.41.149
@ IN  SOA nms01.asd04.ran. root.nms01.asd04.ran. ( 5 10800 3600 604800
86400 )
IN  NS  nms01.asd04.ran.  	IN  PTR   nms01.asd04.ran.
Finally I'm running Solaris 2.6 and BIND 4.9.

TIA and Greetz


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