automated dns in perl or c for bind 8.x.x

Thu Nov 11 06:46:57 UTC 1999

Does anyone have a perl or c script that will make the dns process automated.

Heres an example:

(1) Create the domain.db files and put them in /var/named or wherever 
designated by the script from a template file that might look something like 
this.  The program should have the capability of putting in different 
domains, mail servers, IP addresses etc.  Possibly by getting info from a 
database file.  Or being given different options.

; .db
; $Id$
@  IN  SOA (
                        ID_SERIAL#      ; serial - yyyymmddhh
                        28800               ; refresh after 8 hours
                        3600                ; retry after 1 hour
                        604800              ; expire after 1 week
                        86400 )             ; minimum TTL - 1 day

; Name Servers
                    IN  NS
            IN  NS

ID_DOMAIN.              IN MX       _#  ID_MAIL_SERVER.
localhost                   IN A
ID_DOMAIN.              IN A        ID_IP_ADDRESS
www.ID_DOMAIN.          IN CNAME    ID_DOMAIN.

(2) The program should also edit the /etc/named.conf file and keep the 
contents in alphabetical order.  Possibly by using a template that might look 
like this,

for the master;

zone "ID_DOMAIN" in {
    type master;
    file "ID_DOMAIN.db";

for the slave;

zone "ID_DOMAIN" in {
    type master;
    file "ID_DOMAIN.db";
    masters {; };

Such a perl script could be run from a web interface and write to a database 
file then be kicked off by cron or if there is another way or if someone has 
something written let me know because I am interested.

I am not a perl or c whiz.


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